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La Spezia has a large natural harbor that plays a significant role in the international freight (in fact it is the main naval port of Italy). In the past cruise ships used to anchor in bay, now ships can dock at the new Molo Garibaldi: from where you can easily discover the city center on foot or go for excursions outside La Spezia (for example Tuscany or Cinque Terre).

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To Truly taste the flavour of the city requires living like the Roman – a big ”Yes” to culture art and entertainment, but also to relaxing in the sun and enjoying fine food. Every Roman’s day begins with the coffee ritual, which is always espresso coffee – or cappuccino – that is drunk while standing at the bar and eating a cornetto (croissant). This traditional breakfast sweet can be filled with cream or jam. Lunch generally includes a light pizza snack, a salad or sandwich (tramezzini triangle-shaped sandwiches can be found in most bars), but there are also Roman who prefer to sit down at a full service restaurant to enjoy a tasty disch of pasta. To placate unexpected munchies during the day, we suggest a short break and pizza sold by the slice (pizza a taglio) or ice cream (gelato) during the summers.

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